Financial Aid

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For the state of Georgia, you have many options to pay for education and training! For the benefits described below, they cover the 50 public institutions of higher education in the state. These are the 28 universities in the University System of Georgia and the 22 colleges in the Technical College System of Georgia (2-year institutions, or the state’s community colleges).

All military members (and their dependents) utilizing their GI-Bill benefits will be charged in-state rates for up to three years after separation. Georgia also waives all fees for military using tuition assistance.

HOPE Scholarships & Grants

As a Georgia resident of if you’re stationed in Georgia, you and your children may be eligible for the HOPE scholarship/grant or the Zell Miller scholarship/grant. Depending on what and where you want to study, this is a considerable benefit if you qualify. The specifics are found at the GAFutures page.

For those interested in pursuing a certificate or diploma, the HOPE grant is a tremendous benefit and does not require graduation from a Georgia high school with a certain GPA, just that you maintain a 2.0 grade point average at certain points during your program. You can find the specifics at on the GAFutures HOPE & State Aid Programs page.

Are you interested in going into the film industry, getting your commercial truck driving license, working with diesel equipment, going into a health science field, information technology or a host of other fields? These are considered strategic industries for Georgia and once you’re eligible for the HOPE Career Grant, you could receive financial assistance making your training virtually free.

For those who are eligible and choose to use GI-Bill benefits, please make sure you have your certificate of eligibility.

Purple Heart & Award Recipients

** New ** If you are a Purple Heart or higher combat award recipient (Bronze star with valor, Distinguished Service Cross, Air Force Cross, Navy Cross, Medal of Honor), the Technical College System recently expanded their veteran education benefits to allow the award recipient and their legal dependents (spouse and children up to age 26) up to 36-months of tuition and fees in order to earn an associate’s degree, diploma(s) or certificate(s) after all other avenues of financial aid are exhausted. The new policy can be found here (pdf). Once you open the PDF please scroll down to page 6 and is continued on page 7.

Contact Philamenia Brow at or(478) 218-3909.
To find contacts at other Technical College System of Georgia schools, contact the TCSG Military Affairs office at (404) 679-1667 or visit their website.

HERO Scholarship

For those that served in the Georgia National Guard or US Military Reserves and are a Georgia resident and were deployed outside of the US for active duty service to a location designated as a combat zone and served in such a combat zone for at least 181 cumulative days on or after Feb 1, 2003, or served less than 181 days and were evacuated because of severe injuries, your dependent child may be eligible for Georgia's HERO Scholarship providing they were born before your deployment and be 25 years or younger. If your child meets the criteria, then the next step is for her to determine if the school she will attend accepts the HERO Scholarship. The list of schools can be found here (pdf). All of the state Universities and Technical Colleges accept the scholarship, it is a first-come, first-served scholarship, and the application can be found here (pdf).

CGTC Financial Aid

If attending courses at the VECTR Center, VECTR Coaches can help you determine options to pay for college; however, Central Georgia Technical College (CGTC) Financial Aid Office will coordinate all financial aid programs offered ensuring adherence to all policies, Federal and State regulations. You can find information through these links for CGTC’s financial aid office.

The first step is to complete the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA), which must be submitted to be considered for any financial aid. The Central Georgia Technical College Federal School Code is: 005763.

Additional Information for Military and Veterans at CGTC

WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

WIOA funding is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market. WIOA is a federally funded program and is designed to serve dislocated workers who need training to enter or re-enter the labor market. First priority for WIOA funding is given to Veterans and eligible spouses and includes Veterans transitioning from active military service to civilian life. WIOA funds are administered specifically through services geared toward helping obtain meaningful employment post military service. WIOA assistance is dependent on eligibility. Assistance may include payment of program tuition and fees and training related payments (e.g., textbooks, tools, certification exam fees). Applicants must intend on returning to the work force once they have completed their short-term training program at the GA VECTR Center.

For more information and to get stated with WIOA, visit the CGTC WIOA website or schedule a consultation with a WIOA Career Advisor at the GA VECTR Center by calling 478-476-5252 or