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  • Miltary students in the classroom.


Our Mission:

To successfully transition veterans and their families into Georgia’s public colleges, universities and the state’s workforce.

Georgia VECTR Center, at Middle Georgia State University, a collaboration between the University System of Georgia and the Technical College System of Georgia, serves as a gateway for veterans’ re-entry into Georgia’s public postsecondary educational systems and workforce. The center is solely funded by the state as a not-for-profit organization designed to serve veterans and their families through career counseling, educational coaching, workforce training, and more.

Through the partnership of Middle Georgia State University and Central Georgia Technical College, the VECTR Center provides unique, accelerated programs in high demand and strategic industries tailored to abbreviate the process of receiving post-secondary certificates and degrees by recognizing the extensive training veterans receive during their military service.

In addition, through our many partners, we provide a one-stop-shop for veterans to include full-time veteran service officers from the Georgia Department of Veteran Services, employment assistance through the Georgia Department of Labor, and links to many other community resources.